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The main objective is to promote innovative technology in farm implements which would be helpful in easing out the manual work load of farm workers especially for women in agricultural activities. The idea is to increase the accessibility of these innovative implements and ensure they are available at a reasonable price with the help of locally identified entrepreneurs wherever possible.

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About FarmEasy

Mechanisation quite often displaces women and wage workers, erosion of wage employment threatens rainfed farming. Poor labour productivity increases management burden and profitability of farmers. Supported by Sustain+ program, WASSAN initiated work on developing equipment that makes farm work easy and increase labour productivity.

‘FarmEasy’ was promoted as a sub-unit of WASSAN Foundation, part of WASSAN Group Institutions. Focus in mainly on easing the manual workload on farm labourers especially women workers and increase the accessibility and availability of innovative implements, at a reasonable price.

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Energy Cart

The uniqueness of “Energy Cart” is the combination of bullocks and solar energy; both being renewable sources, can generate 2 Hp power available at the point of use with solar panels which are foldable when not in use. Along with pumping when needed and during the idle time Energy cart can be used for multiple purposes such as chaff cutting, agro-processing, battery recharging, etc

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